Is there another creature before Adam, peace be upon him in the ground

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  2. Is there another creature before Adam, peace be upon him in the ground, and what is meant by the verse gems ... ?

    Was there another creature before Adam, peace be upon him in the ground, and what is meant by the verse gems ... ?


    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you had no other creature before Adam, peace be upon him in the ground, and what is meant by the verse precious name of God {said Atjal spoil and shed blood}?

    The answer: 

    Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings, and after:

    The Father of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was not the first creature created by God Almighty, and has said ahaadeeth infallible (peace be upon them) so, narrated that Jabir ibn Yazeed said: I asked Abu Jafar Imam Mohammed bin Ali al-Baqir (AS Peace) for the words of God Almighty: {a Fina first creation but are in doubt about a new creation} (1)?

    He said: "O Jabir interpretation that God Almighty if Avni this creation, this world and live the people of Paradise Paradise and the people of Hell-fire, new God Almighty world is this world, and create renewed world of virility and not Females worshiped and Aouhdonh, and creating them on the ground is this land hold them and the sky is this Tzlhm sky, you might see that God Almighty but the creation of this one world, and see that God Almighty has not created human beings other than you!

    Yes, God has created and Almighty God AA world, and AA Adam you are in the last of those worlds and those humans ", (2).

    The meaning of the words of God Almighty: {said Otgal spoil and shed blood}.

    He said Imam Ali Bin Al Hussein (peace be upon him) as saying: {and as your Lord said to the angels I will create in the ground Khalifa said a make them from spoil where and shed blood} (3), responded to God and said: a make them from spoil where and shed blood?!

    But they said that creating ever mean elves jinn, and we praise praise and sanctify you, Vmnoa God worship him, leave them.

    Then taught Adam all the names, and then said to the angels Onbioni names of these ...(4).


    (1) S, verse: 15.

    (2) sailor Lights: 8/374.

    (3) Sura, verse: 30.

    (4) Bharalonoar: 96/205.

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    • before humankind and jinn to worship God as they were creatures that God had created animals for his worship? (Except for Angel)

    • Most speakers that occurs when the material world is the origin and has the utmost. So before the world was Alami, then it will not be, but Islamic philosophers, especially fans Sadraee philosophy that philosophical term, not the physical matter of the universe is long time which is always a matter of will. So what if the world is constantly changing, it is not material. Based on the current world and the resurrection and the life source is given, then the worlds before our universe, then it would Realms. The accounts can even philosophical reasons the claim was filed. 
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Hussein ibn Ali Yqvl: "God created the Upper and Altybyn Mhmda and I Zmth light and Sm Almkhlvqat Qamhm Shbaha before smelting originated Tzn Allah and Allah Lqd Lemma Ykhlq Khlqa Svakm Yes, God created Adam and aa aa universe and God and Annette Faye Last desirable Alvalm Smaly says Abu Hamza Ali bin Al-Hussein pbuh heard that said: "Verily Allah and Muhammad Ali and the children of light wash your majesty hath made ​​them right before the ghosts of creatures and then said: You Mood God created not only teach you to think in truth I swear to God, the God of the universe created thousands and thousands of people, and I swear to God, looking for the end all Almhayy. "(Bharalanvar, vol 25, p 25)Imam Sadiq (AS ) said: "People of God exalted, and blanket Lqd people Sbh Almyn police corruption ago I my son Adam Khlqhm Adim Fasknhm Fyha Vahda earth after God exalted mood and blanket Sm lot of people however refused and La Albshr creation and Allah is my Zryth Khlt Aljnh my spirits and people of La Khlt Alnar peace ago my spirits and Alsah Alkfar ago people exalted and blanket Llkm Za Kahn Anne Thorne and Yom Alqyamh Syr Syr's bodies and bodies from Aljnh However Aljnh Rvahhm Faye from Faye Alnar Rvahhm Alnar However, it's Elevated and excellence Bladh and La La Faye Ybd Ykhlq Khlqa Ybdvnh and Yvhdvnh Lykhlqn God's Yes and I Khlqa non Fhvlh and female la Ybdvnh and Yvhdvnh and Yzmvnh and Ykhlq Lhm Tzlhm delay gratification Thmlhm and Sama God exalted, and blanket licking Yqvl Yom transfer except Treason Treason and Alsmavat and fireproof blanket of God exalted, and the impact Fyyna Balkhlq Awwal Faye Bell Lbs Of course my new creation of God exalted, and blanket when he created the earth, created the seven worlds which are the children of Adam, from the dust of the earth, and created It's one after another around the world, then who created God exalted, and blanket Albshr Abu Adam and his sons created. I swear to God that one day God created the heaven, the souls of the faithful is not empty, and a hell of a time that is created from the souls of the disbelievers and the sinner is not empty.You may discuss the terms of the Day of Resurrection, and Allah Even with their souls in heaven making bodies, and the bodies of those who Arvahshan in hell, God Almighty in Bladsh be worshiped, and worship him, and unique mood Nyafrynd know him, and his eldest count? آرى سوگند به خدا كه البته خلقى آفريند بى ‏نر و ماده كه او را بپرستند و يگانه شناسند و بزرگ دارند، و بيافريند برایشان زمينى در زير پا و آسمانى بالاى سر.آيا نيست كه خدا عز و جل می فرمايد: «روزى كه به Another Earth is a place where heaven and the other heavens "(verse 48 Abraham) and God exalted, and Jehl says:" The creation of the first Drmandym but every day they are on the cover of the new creation "(verse 15 AH). "(Bihar al-Anwar, vol 54, pp. 319 and 320) that such accounts are few reports mentioned that many worlds first intelligent beings of current and Adam have existed before the world. 2 عوالم فراوان و موجودات عاقل فراوانی نیز بعد از بنی آدم خلق خواهند شد. 3ـ موجودات قبل از آدم مثل انسان اهل عبادت بوده اند ؛ موجودات بعدی نیزچنین خواهند بود . 4ـ موجودات قبل از آدم قیامت و بهشت و جهنم داشته اند موجوداتی بعدی نیز چنین خواهند was. 5 people on the ground before the current seven religiosity and wise lived are extinct. So many thousands of other intelligent beings on another planet or have been present in the worlds of the universe. 6 fourteen infallible truth, rather than the physical existence of all creatures, are primacy in the creation and Ashraf.Some other stories are all true prophets and the various manifestations of human Avsya Kamlnd and the truth of our universe complete fourteen innocent. Therefore, it is likely that the light in the universe and the subsequent appearance of the former ones have. Mystics believe that such is the fact and truth in every age and period of Mohammedia is never empty of the human world is not perfect. Mr. Rumi said that Parr on May Cho was a ragged redcloak the blight this year managed to leave it in the Yghmash'll like the outcome of this year's Arab robe made ​​if it is the same man again managed to make it into the wine glass as if it was another good look at what the hangover began to pile صورت به مثل مشعله شد وین مشعله زین روزن اسرار برآمد. باز گفته است : هر لحظه به شکلی بت عیّار برآمد دل برد و نهان شدهر دم به لباس دگر آن یار برآمد گه پیر و جوان شد گه نوح شد و کرد جهانی به دعا غرق , went to the ship and into the heart of the NAR began Khalil was shit, it was the fire flower from the start that the devil should Byza Billah, his pastoral character of the wood and the serpent rising rates Qian's pride was on the ground so he owed ​​more caudal , from any walk of Jesus and began rotating Brgnbd, rosary was Kennan Baallh He was the voice of God telling Analhq with M when he was on the rise, it was foolish to think that He came and went Aljmlh Fi, a century Did it end up like the outcome of the Arab, the world was a pagan Romans did not speak, and say good-bye Nshvydsh was an atheist who came to the denial of the Dvzkhyan
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